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2017 Artists of the Wall Festival
-In the Event of Rain?


Attention all Artists of the Wall artists...
You may have noticed that there is more rain less shine in the forecast for this weekend, especially Saturday. But please note, this festival is a rain or shine event! We have not let some measly rain bring us down in the past and we won't begin now!!!

Just to let everybody know, if there is...
-Light to medium rain we will still be in the park as usual.
-Severe weather such as lightning/thunderstorms/pouring rain, Registration will be held at Loyola Park Fieldhouse at 1230 W. Greenleaf from 9am-noon.

Regardless of where Registration is located, you are still required to check in by Noon on Saturday June 17th or your space will be forfeited. (We do this to avoid blank spaces on the wall.)

The deadline to start painting your space will be extended to Sunday at noon if we do experience severe weather. If you do not finish painting by Sunday, you can finish throughout the week. We suggest bringing Tupperware or plastic wrap to save your paint as the paint tent will only be open during the weekend.

We will not be checking email during the event!! If necessary, any further info will be posted to our Facebook page or relayed in person.

See you at the Wall!

-Loyola Park Advisory Council


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Artwork by Luis Rios

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