New for 2019! Online Registration to open the week of April 30th. Watch this page and Facebook for updates.


Every summer over Father’s Day weekend in Loyola Park, neighbors of all ages and backgrounds come together to collaborate on a 600-foot mural along the lakefront between Farwell and Morse Avenues. The artists finished works remain until May of the following the year when the wall is again prepped, whitewashed and readied for the next round of eager participants.

Catch free, live music on the Windform Music Stage from noon to 5:30 each afternoon at the south end of the wall. The festival is coordinated by the all-volunteer Loyola Park Advisory Council.

The Artists of the Wall Festival initially began as a response to gangs who would continually graffiti the 600-foot sea wall to the point where the park district couldn’t keep up maintenance. Since its inception in 1993, this beloved fest has become a true celebration of community, creativity, and music for everyone enjoy.

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2019 Theme:

“Our Backyard”

Artwork by Luis Rios – More about Luis here

About the 2019 Theme Artist

Volunteer artist Luis Rios created the colorful artwork for this, and last year’s festival. He is a longtime resident of Rogers Park and has worked at Loyola Park for nine years, coaching sports and teaching arts and crafts.

Luis has been drawing since he was seven years old, and recently started painting. His piece was created with liquid watercolor and marker. Aside from art, Luis loves spending time with his son, family, and friends. He also enjoys trying new foods and dabbles in cooking. He loves being outdoors and feels that there is nothing more awesome than summertime in Chicago!


Must register in person and start painting by Noon on Saturday or your space will be forfeited.
Your mural should be in progress and painting started by Noon on Saturday. An “X” or “be back Sunday” marked on the space is not enough. This policy is in place to avoid blank spaces on the wall. Arrangements may be made prior to the festival via or noted on your application.
LPAC will not be checking email during the festival. There will be no refunds given on forfeited spaces.

One space per application.
Only one space is allowed per application to allow more people to participate in the fest. Pre-registration spaces will be full-size spaces. Please refrain from special requests to be next to a specific person. If two people agree to trade spaces in person at the festival, it is up to you to notify Registration of the change. Prizes will be awarded to the name we have recorded to the space.

A limited number of spaces sold the day of the festival. Cash only.
Spaces considered unique in shape, size or configuration will be available for purchase the day of the festival on a first come basis. Purchase must be in person, with $35 in cash only.

Back to judging this year!
First, second, third places for Adults, and first, second place each for Teen/Junior will be awarded. Prizes will be gift certificates donated by our local businesses. If two spaces are painted as one mural, neither will be eligible. Prizes will be drawn on Sunday at 4:30 at the music stage. Winners will be notified by phone or email if not present.

Make Art, not Ads!
We value freedom of expression and the variety of subject matter and sentiment illustrated on the Wall each year. We ask all to remember that the spirit of the festival is to create public ART for the community and ask that promo/contact information not be the primary focus of the mural space.

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