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Artists of the Wall Festival: 2018 Winners


Congrats to the 2018 winners!!!

Below is a list of the finalists for this year's event, but we truly believe that everyone involved is a winner. This event wouldn't be possible without all of the incredible artists who give our community one of the coolest pieces of artwork this city has to offer.

Also, let's not forget the Loyola Park Advisory Council (LPAC), our local sponsors, as well as the Loyola Park District who have donated their time, money and services to make this all available and affordable for the rest of us to enjoy.

This festival is a great reminder of how unique and gifted Rogers Parks truly is...and how fortunate we are to be able to experience these things as a community! Thanks again to all!

1st  Sam Kessler - space # 112
2nd  Elizabeth Hayes -space # 98
3rd  Bryun Holt – space # 13

1st  Maggie Plomin- space # 120
2nd Aisya Jennrich – space # 67

1st  Hannah McClurg – space # 9
2nd Maude Hovey-Bradshaw – space # 76

See you next year!


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Artwork by Luis Rios

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