2019 Pre-Registration Full

If you were not able to secure a space with early Registration, please note, there will be 20 “odd ball” spaces available for walk-ups. People usually line up for these around 8am. Registration Opens at 9am.

Any no-shows will be released at Noon. We will use the wait list from the morning. You must be present at Noon to receive a space.

Cash Only $35/per space $8/paint

Critical Information:
Confirmed registrants are listed on the website around June 1st.
Space numbers are issued the day of the fest Saturday, June 15th beginning at 9:00AM

NOTE: Artists must register in person by Noon on Saturday or the space will be forfeited.


Pre-Registration ends on May 25th, or whenever all spaces are filled.

Only one space allowed per application. Please refrain from making special requests for location.

Check our website June 1st for a list of confirmed participants.

There will be a selection of spaces available on a first come first serve basis on the day of the festival for $35 (cash only).


    • Best interpretation of mural theme
    • Overall use of space + shape of painting surface
    • Artistic creativity

Winners will receive gift certificates from our local business sponsors.

Please note: If two spaces are painted as one mural neither space will be eligible for a prize award.

Winners will be announced on Sunday afternoon at 4:30pm, and notified via email or phone if not present to receive their prize.


  • Artists are required to provide: Painting tools (brushes/rollers/etc.) Outdoor latex or acrylic paint (available for purchase at the festival)
  • Tarp or sheet to protect the sidewalk and grass surrounding the mural; rags and cleaning materials to clean any mess
  • Containers for washing out brushes, etc. Nothing, including hands, may be cleaned in the lake!
  • Artists who leave a mess may be disqualified from the event—now and in the future.

Sign in at the Registration tent between 9am – noon on Saturday. The tent is located north of the tennis courts at Farwell at the lake.

You will receive a designated, numbered space to paint. If you trade/change your space number, it is your responsibility to notify Registration. Prizes will be awarded to the person whose name we have recorded to the space.

Artists must register in person and start painting by noon on Saturday or the space will be forfeited. 

To be considered for judging, your mural must be complete by 2pm on Sunday.

2019 Registration List

Elizabeth Ahearn
Philip Albee
Melissa Alvarez
Paul Anderson
Mark Anderson
John Bambino
Mary Bao
Irma Barretto
Brittney Benington
Ross Blair
Molly Bougereal
Basia Brown
Kelly Cassidy
Lisa Chandler
Salome Chasnoff
David Combs
Tommy Corts
Jeff Cote
Robin Crabbe
Bri Crumbley
Shannon Cyborski
Anne de Courtenay
Emily Delgado
Fawna Demma
Trisha Dinh
Riah Dunton
Brian DuSell
Katherine Dzielawa
Myra Epping
Axel Erkenswick (Smack Dab)
David Feller
Steve Fix
Dave Freda
Carla Freudman
Dennis Fritz
Eleanor Gallagher
Annie Gardner
Wright Gatewood
Jocelyn Gerard
Paul Gilbert
Jim Ginderske
Erick Gomez
Jonathan Green
Treacy Greer
Nancy Guo
Erin Gutierrez
Maria Hadden
Heather Hill
Galen Holcomb
Bryun Holt
Patricia Hooper
Jaime Hovey
Jaime Hunt
Annie Huss
John Jenrich
Jeremy Johnson
Mara Jozefi
Caroline Keem
Anne Kessler
Anne S. Kessler
Carolen King
Vanessa King
Aaron Kipnis
Kemper Kirkpatrick
Liz Kloster
Richard Kniazuk
Jackson Knight
Ryann Knott
Kimberly Kouame
Joanne Kubinski
Renee Labrana (R Public House)
Lewis Lain
Dave Lammert
Tori Larsen
Fredrica Levin
LeeAnn Lodder
Keith Lord
Laura Lothschultz
Marlon Lyles
Roseanna Magada
Roberta Manalo
George McCullough
Thomas McClurg
Donna McGrath
Dianna McInnis
Amanda McPartlin
Annie McPartlin
Maureen Mencarini
Anna Mennemeier
Mary Meyer (RP Coop)
Kate Miller
Sondra Morin
Martha Morrison
Kerry Mortensob
Craig Murphy
Chloe Nash
Arden Nelson
Jessey Nickells
Nicole Notowidigo
Gretel O’Donnel
Nicole Oppenheim
Arjumund Orellana
Teresa Ostrow
Bill Paige
Deborah Perez
Nicholas Pierce
Ethan Pitroda
Anastasia Platt-Lubin
Adam Polak
Jane Ramsey
Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes (YMCA)
Mary Ann Ronquillo
Cristine Salazar
Gabriela Sandu
Rob Schaff
John Scott
Connel Smola
J & J Taylor Demma
Mica Thompson
Debbie Torgan
Rita Turtkovic
Joshua Walker
Jenniger Walzer
Dottie Ward
Cassandra Weiler
David Wenzel
Ann Whelan
Emily White
Kaye White
Joan White
Noah Wielder
Mika Yasakawa
Jennifer Zolper (Trilogy)

If you have any questions about Registration, please contact loyolaparkartists@gmail.com

Rain or Shine!

This festival is a rain or shine event! We have not let some measly rain bring us down in the past and we won’t begin now!!!


Just to let everybody know, if there is…

🌦 Light to medium rain we will still be in the park as usual.
⛈ Severe weather such as lightning/thunderstorms/pouring rain, Registration will be held at Loyola Park Fieldhouse at 1230 W. Greenleaf from 9am-noon.

As the event date approaches, we will be posting weather-related updates HERE.

  • 7-11
  • Bark Place
  • Charmers Café
  • Flatts & Sharpe Music CO
  • Giordano's
  • J B Alberto's Pizza
  • JC Licht
  • Jewel-Osco
  • Kathy Green
  • Loyola University
  • Maria Hadden 49th Ward Alderwoman
  • Morse Fresh Market
  • R Public House
  • Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers
  • Rogers Park Builders Group
  • Rogers Park Business Alliance
  • Rogers Park Historical Society
  • Smack Dab
  • State Farm
  • State Rep. Kelly Cassidy
  • State Senator Heather Steans
  • The Lord Companies
  • The New 400 Theater
  • Unan Imports

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