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2017 Registration Now Closed!

As of Saturday May 13th, all 140 pre-registration spaces are SOLD OUT and pre-festival registration is now closed. Spaces were assigned in order of application postmark date. Artists whose application fees were received after close of registration will be contacted to arrange a refund.

Registration begins Saturday June 17th at 9:00am. ( click here to view participant list )
If your name is on the list below, you have a space to paint. Space numbers will be issued at registration. Remember! Artists must register in person and start painting by noon on Saturday, June 17th or the space will be forfeited. If you have any questions or concerns prior to the festival, email: We will not be checking email during fest.

A limited number of spaces will be available the day of the festival:
Spaces considered unique in shape, size or configuration will be available for purchase the day of the festival on a first come, first served basis. Purchase must be in person, with $35.00 in cash only.

For a complete list of artists rules and regulations click the link below:

Artists of the Wall Rules

Items available for purchase the day of the event:

  1. Paint ($8.00 for 4 cups of paint w/ 1 refill on each cup)
  2. Event T-shirts $15.00 (while supplies last)

Suggested items to bring with you to the event:

  1. Clothes you don't mind getting paint on
  2. Acrylic Paint (if you do not want to purchase from us)
  3. Paint brushes of various sizes
  4. Small container for water to clean brushes
  5. Tarps/cardboard, plasic, rags
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Drinking water
  8. Lunch/snacks

Please help keep our parks beautiful by protecting the surrounding areas not being painted as well as doing a thorough clean up of your space when finished.

2017 Pre-Festival Participant List:
  Last Name 2017 First Name 2017
A Abcede Michael
  Albee Nicole
  Amatayakul Sirimas
  Ayala Javier
B Bao Mary
  Behr Kevin
  Black Allison
  Blair Ross
  Bowling James
  Butler Les
C Castro Ham Ernie
  Chalcraft Valerie
  Chase Jennifer
  Chung-Hawke Mina
  Cila PACTT
  Clifton Alexandra
  Colledge Michelle
  Community Church New Life
  Cooper Anne
  Crabbe Robin
  Cunniff Clare
D Daboul Ian
  DeCourtenay Anne
  Demma Chris
  Demma Fawna
  Demma Jason
  Demma Justice
  Demma Tina Juhlin
  Dicesare Daniel
  Dolgin Alexei
  Dunton Riah
  Dusell Brian
E Eley Shanna
  Epping Myra
  Erickson Kristi
F Finkler Michelle
  Firing Cindy
  Fisher Chloe
  Fix Steve
  Fix Zalkind Zoe
  Foxgrover-McHatten Craig
  Freudman Carla
  Fritz Dennis
G Ginderske Jim
  Gonzalez-Tripp Eva
  Greer Treacy
  Greer Kirkpatick Emily
  Gregg Carol
  Griffin Dan
  Griffin Jim
  Gustafson Berry
H Haak Ann-Louise
  Halka Melissa
  Hamilton-Cotter Sasha
  Harrod Nichole
  Hatch Shelby
  Hathway Dave
  Hayes Elizabeth
  Heffernan Jake & Morgan
  Hoerdeman Brittany
  Hogan Kathleen
  Hooper Trisha
  Houlila Usamal
  Hovey Jamie
  Hovey-Bradshaw Maude
  Hunt Tracy
I Inc. Trilogy
J Jennrich Aisya
  Jozefi Mara
K Kaplan Felicia Sue
  Kessler Mitch
  Kessler Sam
  King Vanessa
  Kipnis Olivia
  Kirkpatrick Kemper
  Knight Jackson
  Korpal John-Michael
  Krueger Sara
  Kubinski Joanne
L lane lewis
  Latimer Elizabeth
  Lehet-Jones Michael
  Levin Freddie
  Lodder Lee Ann
  Loris Kelly
  Lothschutz Henry
  Lothschutz Laura
  Lowe Frederick
  Lubin Mike
  luker lindsay
M MacBeth Team
  Magada Roseanna
  Magno Alex
  McCullough Alissa & Kali
  McCullough George
  McGrath Donna
  Mencarini Maureen
  Mennemeier Anna
  Meyer Mary
  Moore Steve
  Moore --- Brownie # 25239 Olivia
N Nash Aubrey
  Nash Sabrina
O Oliver Laura
  Ortlieb Sarah
  Ostrow Teresa
P Pajakowski Margaret
  Pernot Laurent
  Philip Cortney
  Prokopy Jenni
  Pusateri Kathryn
R Regan Jordan
  Rice Hudson
  Rice Lewis
  Ronquillo Missy
  Ronquillo Ron
S Sageman Monica
  Salazar Isabel
  Saviano Frank
  Scheunemann Craig
  Sillin Heather
  Sledge Jr. Burundi
  Sloan Daniela
  Smirnov Natalia
  Sullivan Stephanie
T Taflon John
  Thoman Mallory
  Todaro Anna
  Torgan Debbie
  Torin Tammy
  Trinh Barbara
U Ulicny Mo
V Veleta --- GST  # 23102 Maureen
W Westerberg Carl
  Whitenack Mel
  Wieder Noah
  Wilmington Geoff
  Witherell Emily
Y Yale Alexandria
Z Ziehlke Eric